Three Point Turn

New drivers are usually scared, or confused on how to do 3 point turn, broken U-turn, or K-turn, but it is actually fairly simple to do. By the way, these three are all the same things.

A 3 point turn driving test will always be included in your road test, but the 3 point turn dimensions your examiner will be given is going to be sufficient for the maneuver.

The examiner can ask you to do the 3 point turn steps in a street that doesn’t have a lot of traffic, or after you’ve parked, but the procedure is pretty much the same. Simply explained, you will just be doing a left turn, back your car up a bit, then do another left.

Your car should be at a complete stop close to the curb in the right lane before executing the K-turn. Turn on your left signal, check your mirrors and blind spots, and look over your left shoulder to check for oncoming vehicles. If the coast is clear, make the left turn until your car is straight or perpendicular to the street.

Back up your car, following the correct procedure for doing a reverse. Now you are ready to drive into the right lane. Do a left signal, check your left, and then your right, then go.