Passing the Road Test Basic Tutorial

Taking your first NY road test can be nerve-wracking. Even if you’ve managed to memorize all your driving test notes and do practice road test with the family car, there’s a good chance that you’ll panic at the moment of the test. All of the information you’ve learned can overwhelming you right before you take the test, and best way to deal with this is to relax and calm yourself. Here’s a couple of driving test tips that may help lessen the pressure.

  • You don’t need to get a perfect score to pass – The examiner deducts points depending on the severity of your mistake, but you can pass even with a 30 point deduction. Just be careful not to commit any mistakes that corresponds to immediate failure.
  • Arrive early – Come around 15 minutes early. If you’re unsure if the test will proceed because of bad weather, check Always check the site before going to your road test appointment, and make sure to bring your own car with a licensed driver to take you to the test location.
  • Have all your paperwork ready – Be sure to have your picture permit, 5 hour certificate, Driver’s ED Certificate, Form MV-262 (if under 18), and the license and registration of your accompanying driver.
  • Follow the proper procedure when leaving the curb – Be mindful of your seat belt, mirrors and blindspots, turn signals, and gear shifting before you pull out. Always pay attention to the instructions of the examiner, and be mindful of the speed limit, lines on the street, and most especially, the pedestrians.
  • Be aware of proper procedures when changing lanes – The examiner may not tell you to move over to the left lane when you need to make a left turn. Square off the turn when making a left, and hug the curb when making a right. Always make sure to turn into the lane closest to you.
  • Observe proper procedure at stop signs – Always make a complete stop at any stop sign, but know the difference between rolling off standard stop signs and “all way” stop signs.
  • 3 Point Turn, K-Turn, Broken U Turn – These 3 are all the same turns. Always remember to use your turn signals, look out for cars and pedestrians, and check your side mirrors.
  • Don’t get too obsessed when parking – Use the parking method that you know best. You will be given ample driving test parallel parking distance, and you are allowed to fix your parking if you park a bit too far from the curb.

The examiner will let you know when you when your DMV road test is finished. Remember to be polite, and don’t complain if your don’t agree with your test results. If you do not pass, getting another dmv road test appointment can take 6-10 weeks, but you can schedule an expedited one in a week or less, go to Hopefully the road test tips in this video helps you pass. Good luck!