Leaving the Curb

Know what you should check before pulling out of the curb is critical; you don’t want to hit something seconds into your test!

The very first thing you should do is fasten your seatbelt. Check if you can see the bumper of the car in front of you if any. If you can’t, check your rearview mirror and get ready to back up.

When you’re in the correct position to pull out, signal to the left, put your car into gear, then turn the wheel to the left.

Check your side mirrors and blind spot for approaching vehicles. Make sure there are no cars coming as far as a city block and a half. If there aren’t, only then can you proceed to roll out.

As you are driving, the examiner will be giving you instructions like when to turn, stop, or park. Stay alert, listen, and obey. Just keep on driving straight if no directions are given.