Stop Signs – Stopping at a Stop Sign Driving Test Tips

A new driver might find it overwhelming to have to be aware of so many things during the road test, like listening to the examiner’s instructions, watching out for other cars and pedestrians, watching out for signs, and others. However, it is something that a driver will just have to get used to, and it does get easier as you go along.

Before taking your NJ road test, you should already be aware that there are 2 kinds of stop signs: a Standard Stop Sign, and an All Way Stop Sign. Be sure to follow the correct procedure for each.

If there is a stop line, come to a complete stop before the stop line. If there isn’t one, then stop a few feet before the sign.

All Way Stop Signs – the rule here is “whoever comes first, goes first”. The examiner expects you to do this without being prompted.

Standard Stop Signs – come to a complete stop, and look both ways for oncoming vehicles. If you don’t see any, then roll off slowly so you can keep on checking if both ways are clear. Remember, do not proceed if there is a car coming within a full city block from you.