Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is a maneuver that a lot of people find to be extremely difficult, so it is better to do a lot of parallel parking road test practice before taking the test.

Your examiner will expect that you already know how to parallel park for drivers test, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do it perfectly. The important thing is just to get your car parallel to the curb, and close enough to not be an obstruction or hazard. It should also go without saying that you shouldn’t hit anything in the process or be dangerously close to any other cars.

It’s best to use the parking procedure that you are used to. However, the recommended method is to reverse into the parking spot, starting by lining up mirror to mirror with the car that will be parked in front of yours.

It is usually best to reverse turn into the space when the rear bumper of the car in the front line up with your back passenger door.

Around this point is where it gets tricky for most people. What you want to do is to turn the wheel one full turn to the right, then reverse until your right side mirror blocks your view of the other car’s left tail light. Then, turn the wheel two full turns and reverse until your car is parallel with the curb.

If you are asked to pull out of your parking spot, just follow the procedure that you did when you began your driving test. You will be given ample space to park, so you should be able to back up until you see the bottom of the bumper of the car in front of you.