Beep Beep Auto School Services

Since 2007 Beep Beep Auto School has been teaching new drivers how to safely navigate the road. Our team of professional, experienced instructors and customer service specialists will make learning how to drive a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We specialize in all kinds of drivers: Drivers who were destined for the Indy 500, drivers who need a little more practice before they’re ready, and even drivers who find the presence of a car two miles down the road scary enough to close their eyes, let go of the steering wheel, and scream for help. Our lesson plans and packages are designed to help any driver, regardless of skill or nervousness, pass their road test and be prepared for taking to the road on their own. 

Services only offered within coverage areas in below map:

All prices below apply only to our Boro Park Division.
Please call us for our Williamsburg Location rates.

5-HOUR CLASS $50 (Reservations Required)This mandatory pre-licensing course is required for all drivers before taking a road test. I see you rolling your eyes there… Don’t worry!

Our 5-Hour Class is so interesting, you’ll be begging for an encore!

The 5-Hour Class is a pre-licensing course required by the DMV before taking a road test, and it is intended to prepare you for driving once you have your license. The class is split into two parts. The first part is an instructional video on how to conduct yourself safely on the road, how to handle certain hazardous situations, and basic car maintenance.

The second part is a speech given by our head instructor. The speech covers the importance of seatbelts, the dangers of drinking and driving, the dangers of distracted driving, and many other ways to ensure that your experience on the road is as safe as possible.

Do I need to take the 5-hour class?

Yes. The DMV requires the 5-hour Class in order to take a road test. If you’ve already taken driver’s education through a school, however, you do not need to take the 5-hour class.

What do I need to bring with me to the 5-hour class?

All you need for the 5-hour class is your picture permit.

How much does the 5-hour class cost?

The 5-hour class costs $50.

When do you offer the 5-hour class?

Call us about taking the 5-hour class online. Thanks to 2020 being a very unique year, the NYS DMV has authorized online courses.

We offer the 5-hour class 6 times a week. Reservations for this class can be booked for:

Sunday at 12:30 PM

Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Tuesday at 2:00 PM

Thursday at 6:30 PM

Friday at 10:30 AM.


Sweet and simple. You give us an hour, we’ll teach you to drive.

Because two lessons are better than one. Plus we'll throw in an extra 15 minutes, just for fun. Maybe you need more time to settle into the groove of driving, asking your instructor for advice on how to navigate the road, whatever it may be.

Once you already have your license, let us help you get comfortable driving on the highway. We’ll teach you how to safely stay in lane, switch lanes, merge, and exit, all while maintaining a safe and steady speed.


The below prices apply to our Boro Park Location. Please call us for our Williamsburg Location rates. All of our packages include a road test and 5-hour pre-licensing class. Click  HERE for more information.

Some people are just born with a silver steering wheel in their hands. This package includes four one-hour driving lessons, one standard road test with transportation, and one 5-hour pre-licensing class.

You're not quite ready for the Indy 500, but you've been around the block once or twice in the family minivan, while your parents nervously chewed their teeth in the backseat, and you all made it in one piece. Let's get you road ready. This package includes 6 one-hour lessons, one standard road test with transportation,  and one 5-hour pre-licensing class.

Our most popular package. Many of our students are able to practice with friends or family in addition to the lessons we provide. If you have such accommodating friends and family, this package is for you. This package includes eight one-hour lessons, one standard road test with transportation, and one 5-hour pre-licensing class.

This is New York, who has a car? Your friends and family take taxis and trains. They’ll be begging you for rides soon enough, though. This package includes ten one-hour lessons, one standard road test with transportation, and one 5-hour pre-licensing class.

While our packages are designed to fully prepare you for your road test, we still haven’t found a way to get around Murphy’s Law. Sometimes things just don’t go our way. Add road test insurance to any of our packages for three extra road test attempts. We’ll even give you a cake when you pass. (Cake not included.)

(Not available for the 4-hour package. One lesson required before each test.)


We understand that circumstances change unexpectedly. Be it a new job offer that requires a license, an unexpected trip to a city where stuff isn’t quite as close to home as it is in NYC, or a kid who won’t stop reminding you that you promised him that shiny new car you passed that one time when you drove past that car dealership if he made the dean’s list. Our rush road test services are priced with that understanding in mind.

We get it. you're a skeptic. Our service seems almost too good to be true. A road test within ten business days? You'll believe it when you see it. That's why you're going with our Classic Rush Road Test. You want us to sing for our supper. That's ok. We'll sing you an aria that'll knock your socks off. The Classic Rush Road Test is scheduled within ten business days, within 39 miles of your location.

Home is nice. It’s comfortable. It’s got your couch. You know, the one you’ve curled up on for so many years that it’s got this perfect you-shaped indent. Home is your neighborhood, and a pie on the windowsill, and the diner down the street. Home is wonderful, and definitely worth staying close to. This road test will keep you as close to home as possible. Scheduled within 10 business days, within 20 miles of home. Please Note: There will be an additional $20 charge for any specific date or location requests (availability may vary).

They say that friends will help you move, but real friends will help you move a body. Perhaps, but no one ever said anything about driving you to your road test. Have one of our professional drivers pick you up, give you a few minutes of practice, wait with you, and then drive you back home. (Price varies by location. Only offered within New York City. Does not include road test appointment.)

Stuff happens on the road test, and it's best to be prepared just in case. Add rush road test insurance to your rush road test, and any subsequent rush road test appointments will be free until you pass. (Appointments only, transportation not included.)

Let’s be real for a second here. People talk about silver spoons in their mouths like it’s a good thing. But what can you really do with a silver spoon other than eat pudding. And I get it. Pudding is great. Silver Rush Road Tests, though, get you a license within 10-business days and within 39-miles of your location. Beat that, spoon.

You’re not the kind of person who waits. 10 days? Ten? Please. You know what you want and you want it now. And why should you wait, anyway? Driving is awesome, and awesome doesn’t wait. Priority scheduling within 5 business days, within 39 miles of your location.


Mistakes happen. We understand. A truck cut you off. A freak blizzard started just as you pulled out. A loaf of bread fell butter side down on your windshield. Whatever happened: Have 20 bucks off your next appointment.