How It Works


Rush Road Tests

We at Beep Beep make it as easy and convenient as possible to schedule your rush road test. You can call our office (click HERE for our phone number and office hours) and speak to one of our customer service specialists, or send us a text at 646-504-7874. For those who may prefer something more personal, come into our office (click HERE for our address and office hours). We will greet you with a smile and a cup of coffee.

Some Information on How It Works

    • When you contact us, we will take your name, phone number, and permit number. Please have your information ready so we can assist you as efficiently as possible.
    • Our tests are scheduled within ten business days. After taking your information, our road test specialists will start working on scheduling your road test. We will contact you as soon as we schedule your appointment. There is no charge until we find your appointment.
    • In order to maximize our chances of finding you a rush road test, we search in several locations around your area. Our road test specialists will try to find you a road test as close to home as possible. Your road test will be no further than 39 miles from your zip code. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to guarantee road tests in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. If you are on Long Island, your test would most likely be in Queens. We apologize to Long Island residents for the inconvenience. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of Rush Road Test orders we process, we are unable to accommodate requests for specific locations. Searching for Rush Road Tests in specific locations slows down the process, and makes it less likely that we will find road tests for every other pending order. Rush Road Tests will be scheduled within 39 miles of your location.
    • When our road test specialists find openings for rush road tests, they must schedule them immediately. Therefore, they will be unable to schedule a rush road test if you have a preexisting appointment. Please CANCEL any preexisting appointments before requesting a rush road test.
    • After every two road tests you take, the DMV charges a $10 “skills fee” before allowing you to schedule any further road tests. If you have already taken two (or any multiple) road tests, please click HERE to be transferred to the DMV website and pay the fee before requesting your rush road test.
  • Payment is due when we notify you about your road test date. Failing to pay by close of business the day after the notification date may result in cancellation. If you need more time to make the payment, or have any other questions or concerns about the payment, please call us at 718-336-2337, or text us at (646) 504-7874.
  • The day of your test be sure to bring your 5 hour class certificate (MV-278) or driver’s education certificate (MV-285) and your picture permit ID. If you are under 18 please bring a signed MV-262 form. If you do not yet have an MV-262 form, you can find it HERE



  • The person driving you to your test should be over 18 yrs old and have his license with him. The car’s insurance, registration, and inspection should all be up to date and present at the test.
  • Cancellation of your road test may result in a $10 fee if it is within 3 business days of your scheduled road test. To avoid any fees, please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel.
  • Customers may be responsible to pay in advance for any road tests scheduled after a cancellation.
  • We only offer refunds on rush road tests canceled before 4 days prior to the scheduled date. Refunds will not be given for tests that couldn’t be taken due to missing or invalid license, 5 hour class, or other relevant paperwork. 


5 Hour Class

The 5 Hour class is a pre-licensing course required by the DMV before taking a road test, and is intended to prepare you for driving once you have your license. The class is split into two parts. The first part is an instructional video on how to conduct yourself safely on the road, how to handle certain hazardous situations, and basic car maintenance. The second part is a speech given by our head instructor. The speech covers the importance of seatbelts, the dangers of drinking and driving, the dangers of distracted driving, and many other ways to ensure that your experience on the road is as safe as possible.

5 Hour Class Schedule

Our 5 hour class is given 6 days a week:

Sunday 10:30 AM

Monday 5:00 PM

Tuesday 2:00 PM

Wednesday 5:00 PM

Thursday 6:30 PM

Friday 10:30 AM

Please bring your permit with you to the 5 hour class



Our packages are designed to accommodate every new driver’s level of expertise. Some people are born natural drivers. Others need more practice until they are ready to take the wheel on their own. Whichever package you take, our experienced, professional instructors will do everything they can to ensure that you ready both for your road test, and for driving on your own once you have your license.

Understanding your Package 

  • Your first lesson with Beep Beep Auto School will be an evaluation. At the end of the lesson, your instructor will let you know which package they think you need. If they feel you don’t need a package, they will not recommend one. If you decide to take a package, the full cost of the package will be due by the end of your second lesson. The evaluation lesson will be included in any package you take as one of the lessons, and any money paid for the first lesson will be credited toward the package.
  • You must decide which package you want to take when you pay for your package. If you decide after completing your package that you still require more lessons, you may upgrade to a higher package. The difference in cost will be due at your next lesson.
  • We sometimes make arrangements with students for alternative payment plans. These payment plans are decided on a case by cases basis, and must be approved by our head instructor.
  • A standard road test is included with every package. Rush road tests cost an additional $100 on top of the price of your package.
  • Road test insurance covers a value of $125 toward any future road tests. Therefore, standard road tests with transportation are free with insurance coverage, and rush road tests with transportation are $100 with insurance coverage.
  • Our packages are completely refundable. If you decide to downgrade your package, or that you no longer want, or need a package, we will refund any extra money you had paid toward it.